Sunday, July 2, 2017

I am outRAGED!

  YES !! I am OUTRAGED and so should YOU!!  WE  are slowly loosing what WE as Americans hold dear and that IS Our Constitution! It is starting with Freedom of the Press. WE the people value the press to keep the White House, Congress and The Senate accountable to us WE THE PEOPLE. The press has been shut out on the  On camera briefings of the White House, or sometimes audio or no briefings at all and just a press sheet. How, is that keeping the White House accountable to us!
We should be OUTRAGED! When the President of the United States makes comments and remarks and innuendo about journalist, reporters and magazine columnist who on are doing their job that is set in THE CONSTITUTION to keep OUR government who WE elected honest to us, the people.
  We should be OUTRAGED when when THE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES acts so child like that he tweets and watches 5 hours a day of television instead of doing his job WE the people elected him to do, what happened to coal jobs, healthcare, North Korea, China and pleasing and making nice with OUR allies many of which have been by our side for years and poof! This president has made the United States the laughing stock of our allies, IF they can't trust OUR president how are they going to stand by our side during military and peace matters ?
   How about saving OUR planet WE just sat by and let this man who was elected as president sign bill after  bill to destroy our air, our seas and our land by letting emission back on our cars companies pump their junk into the air , do we want to be like China and wear masks to protect us from the smog because it is so thick you can't breathe, to let oil rigs build underwater pipelines, and to ignore what scientist say about global warming, when the united States is seeing the hottest temperatures in recorded history! NO ! WE will NOT stand for this! NO we will not let one man destroy US, our future for OUR children, and OUR grandchildren WE should be OUTRAGED! - Andrea Brower

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hello, sorry it has been soo long....

I apologize for not blogging as of late, when your thyroid doesn't want to work with you, your body doesn't want to listen
Now, that I am back on track hopefully for a while I wanted to express what has been on my mind as of late...
I have been watching our government and I am not encouraged by how things are going this my fault, I voted,  not for Trump, but I voted, does my vote count I'm not sure anymore???
I, for the first time, I did not vote locally, not because I didn't want to a lot of it was how do I know who I am voting for? Do I REALLY know who I am voting for?? Our local intented nominees didn't do the tradional door to door meet and greet or hold a local rally or even put out flyers, or even local ad on tv instead a week before we are to vote I got letters in the mail, explaining who they were what their cause was and is and how they plan to make our county a better place to live and go vote on Tuesday , there were a few vote for me signs in people's yard, so HOW am I supposed to be the informed voter IF I HAVE NO CLUE on who to vote for??
Is this the new norm for how our intended nominees plan for their people to vote if they don't know we can just do our agenda and no one be the wiser, well, that's NOT how I was taught in Civics class it is OUR RIGHT to vote, it is OUR DUTY to keep our local government accountable because our local government turns into STATE government and WE MUST keep state accountable, because state government turns into NATIONAL and WE MUST, MUST MUST, keep our NATIONAL GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE, we MUST keep our local constitution, our state constitution and above all OUR NATIONAL constitution the way our forefathers intended.
See, how all of this works?? Have we lost how our government works from local all the way to national government, are our teachers not teaching civics classes anymore to where people even know how government works ?? WE MUST take back how local , state and NATIONAL voting process is done we must keep all forms of government honest as we as well them keeping us informed, how do we do this?? How do we do this with governments seemingly more secretive, more deceptive and more dishonest? WE keep voting, WE keep civics classes in schools WE educate ourselves WE hold rallies and town halls call OUR local and state representatives we hold OUR government ACCOUNTABLE for what they say and do, WE ARE THEIR BOSSES, REMEMBER WE VOTE FOR YOU! ~ Andrea

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

    What a year 2016 was, some say it was the worst, others say it was the best, others say it was the most confusing, aggrivating, surprising, saddening and chaotic year many of us have seen in a long when while. I agree.
     I am hoping that 2017 sees us wealthy, healthy, happy and wise. As President Obama leaves, many of us are saddened at his and his family's departure, he is the most beloved president since President Reagan.                      .                       We now are faced with many uncertainties about OUR future as a country, a nation, a people, we MUST remain strong, remain resilient, and hold on strong to OUR constitution protect it and NEVER forget what OUR forefathers fought for, what the Statue of Liberty means for Soo, Soo many of those, many of whom are OUR ancestors, many who have seeked a better life, and for those who are seeking a better life today.     WE are the ones who make AMERICA GREAT, WE THE PEOPLE! Let US NOT FORGET that, because THAT is how AMERICA has ALWAYS been, if WE loose sight of this, WE have LOST AMERICA  it's STRENGTH, its PRIDE and it's PEOPLE, do WE REALLY want to loose what WE have fought so hard for OUR FREEDOM!~ANDREA

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Votes

I know it has been a couple weeks since I last blogged, I guess I am still reeling from the election. This election was one like no other one before it. We have no choice but to support the president-elect , we may not like the choice , however that is what makes our country unique is the fact we the people get to choose who to vote in to the highest office in the land. Let's all come together and work together to keep ourselves, our country safe, protected and keep our constitution the way our forefathers created it. Until next time -Andrea

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today's Vote

Today is the day we vote for our best choice for the MOST IMPORTANT JOB in the world. I among others have been soo indecisive on who to vote for, should we vote, and I'll vote for the lesser of the two evils ...Believe me it isn't an easy decision on who to vote for. EVERY vote counts, it really does, otherwise, we would be like every other country and WE as AMERCANS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are NOT like every other country we are a STRONG country and how we vote,  the voting process is what sets us apart for all the other countries and the WORLD is watching OUR voting process.
  Yes, THIS terms voting has been less than conventional and VERY controversial don't let you sway you to vote. Voting comes with change, so, if YOU don't like how this voting term when YOU have the power to change it, call your Senator , your congressman , your Governor, email them REMEMBER, we voted for them they work for YOU! If you are of Republican or Democratic party let your Party know you are dissatisfied with how they are doing.
   YOU and I have the power to make these changes of we don't and make OUR voices heard WE over time will loose OUR RIGHT to vote, do WE really want to loose that.
   Good Luck today who ever you choose PLEASE CHOOSE, PLEASE VOTE. -ANDREA

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sorry for the late post..

I am sorry for not posting lately and for the late post...I have been doing ALOT of reading, watching and just trying to get some understanding  over the state of the issues going on in the Republican Party.
  You see for 25 years I was a diehard Republican and cast my 1st vote as a Republican and was VERY proud to do so, However, over the years and especially this election term I have been saddened by how far down our Republican Party  have gone..It's not just their candidate I am saddened by although this does sadden me and infuriates me , it is the state by which the Republican Party has carried itself over the past few years. Many of the laws the President has tried to pass the Republicans have blocked and NEARLY shut down government over NOT wanting to work with the President or Democrats on passing or changing laws..Did you forget WE THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR YOU, in a sense WE hired you to do a good job, a fair job and to work together to find a common goal of passing with the Democrats which is called bipartisan legislation NOT shut down a government because you didnt get your way..(and that is basically what it is) what happens if you don't do a good job at work can be let go from your job, unfortunately the Republican Party and Democrat Party doesn't work that way WE can't fire you, BUT we can NOT 're-elect you again..and this is what is happening in OUR elections today, partly because by the Republican Party NOT only fought to pass legislation and tried to shut government down a few times, your lack of common sense, and basic paying attention you let someone come in as your PRESIDENTIAL candidate sway/bully you (don't get me wrong) ANYONE can run for President however , you as REPUBLICANs are to also vote legislation you are to uphold and protect the constitution , and those who HAVE vehemently tried to warn you and tried to protect the party Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz were looked down on and scoffed at BY THEIR OWN party into thinking that HE was the chosen candidate that they had NO choice into conceding to YOU the rest of the party...NOW that this Presidential candiate that you have now backed and supported you has gone AMOCK and has violated parts of the constitution with his thoughts and ideas NOW you want to go to the SPEAKER of the HOUSE Paul Ryan and have him step down when ALL he has done has tried to protect the Constitution and the REPUBLICAN party YOU REPUBLICAN party senators and representatives should BE ASHAMED of yourselves! I have NEVER been so ashamed of my once STRONG TOGETHER PARTY has back sliddened into greed and I wants that you can't see the nose on your face! I hope the Democrats take control, NOT because Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz have tried to save the PARTY from the Republican you have chosen as a candidate but because YOU THE REPUBLICAN PARTY NEED TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER and be the party of RONALD REAGAN years the party that stood for something the party that at no cost UPHELD the CONSTITUTION not the PARTY of money and greed and every man woman for themselves!
  I pray that in the NEXT four years I can once AGAIN say I stand with the REPUBLICANS for now I stand with the DEMOCRATS because they have THEIR SHIT TOGETHER and work as how a party should! UNITED ! -ANDREA

Monday, October 17, 2016

Good Manic Monday

Yes.... Ahh..the beginning of the week, that day of the week WE all dread. What is it that motivates us to get our Mondays going?? Do we find ourselves running around like mad trying to get ourselves together to get another week started and getting this Monday started. Then, it's taking the kids to school, coffee, morning time traffic. How about when we get to work, school or go about our day, how do we challenge ourselves, others and our kids?? What is it that motivates you on Monday ??? Manic or Marvelous make it a good one! 😊 ~ Andrea