Sunday, July 2, 2017

I am outRAGED!

  YES !! I am OUTRAGED and so should YOU!!  WE  are slowly loosing what WE as Americans hold dear and that IS Our Constitution! It is starting with Freedom of the Press. WE the people value the press to keep the White House, Congress and The Senate accountable to us WE THE PEOPLE. The press has been shut out on the  On camera briefings of the White House, or sometimes audio or no briefings at all and just a press sheet. How, is that keeping the White House accountable to us!
We should be OUTRAGED! When the President of the United States makes comments and remarks and innuendo about journalist, reporters and magazine columnist who on are doing their job that is set in THE CONSTITUTION to keep OUR government who WE elected honest to us, the people.
  We should be OUTRAGED when when THE PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES acts so child like that he tweets and watches 5 hours a day of television instead of doing his job WE the people elected him to do, what happened to coal jobs, healthcare, North Korea, China and pleasing and making nice with OUR allies many of which have been by our side for years and poof! This president has made the United States the laughing stock of our allies, IF they can't trust OUR president how are they going to stand by our side during military and peace matters ?
   How about saving OUR planet WE just sat by and let this man who was elected as president sign bill after  bill to destroy our air, our seas and our land by letting emission back on our cars companies pump their junk into the air , do we want to be like China and wear masks to protect us from the smog because it is so thick you can't breathe, to let oil rigs build underwater pipelines, and to ignore what scientist say about global warming, when the united States is seeing the hottest temperatures in recorded history! NO ! WE will NOT stand for this! NO we will not let one man destroy US, our future for OUR children, and OUR grandchildren WE should be OUTRAGED! - Andrea Brower

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