Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

    What a year 2016 was, some say it was the worst, others say it was the best, others say it was the most confusing, aggrivating, surprising, saddening and chaotic year many of us have seen in a long when while. I agree.
     I am hoping that 2017 sees us wealthy, healthy, happy and wise. As President Obama leaves, many of us are saddened at his and his family's departure, he is the most beloved president since President Reagan.                      .                       We now are faced with many uncertainties about OUR future as a country, a nation, a people, we MUST remain strong, remain resilient, and hold on strong to OUR constitution protect it and NEVER forget what OUR forefathers fought for, what the Statue of Liberty means for Soo, Soo many of those, many of whom are OUR ancestors, many who have seeked a better life, and for those who are seeking a better life today.     WE are the ones who make AMERICA GREAT, WE THE PEOPLE! Let US NOT FORGET that, because THAT is how AMERICA has ALWAYS been, if WE loose sight of this, WE have LOST AMERICA  it's STRENGTH, its PRIDE and it's PEOPLE, do WE REALLY want to loose what WE have fought so hard for OUR FREEDOM!~ANDREA

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