Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today's Vote

Today is the day we vote for our best choice for the MOST IMPORTANT JOB in the world. I among others have been soo indecisive on who to vote for, should we vote, and I'll vote for the lesser of the two evils ...Believe me it isn't an easy decision on who to vote for. EVERY vote counts, it really does, otherwise, we would be like every other country and WE as AMERCANS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are NOT like every other country we are a STRONG country and how we vote,  the voting process is what sets us apart for all the other countries and the WORLD is watching OUR voting process.
  Yes, THIS terms voting has been less than conventional and VERY controversial don't let you sway you to vote. Voting comes with change, so, if YOU don't like how this voting term when YOU have the power to change it, call your Senator , your congressman , your Governor, email them REMEMBER, we voted for them they work for YOU! If you are of Republican or Democratic party let your Party know you are dissatisfied with how they are doing.
   YOU and I have the power to make these changes of we don't and make OUR voices heard WE over time will loose OUR RIGHT to vote, do WE really want to loose that.
   Good Luck today who ever you choose PLEASE CHOOSE, PLEASE VOTE. -ANDREA

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