Thursday, October 13, 2016

What's on your mind today??

Today, I received my voters ballot by mail and although I know who I am voting for I wonder about everyone else and how they are voting...for those first time voters do they understand the voting process, do we need to have a set line of rules to spell out how the voting process works along with how to vote? I remember my first time voting back in the 80's so much simpler it seemed, times have sure changed. What about the millennials and how do you/they view things is the voting process or voter in them easy straight forward or confusing as well? What about you /they the evangelicals is who you choose or not choose the one you want or not want align with your religious views? For those who are not yet ready to vote, for those that get to vote in 4 years how does seeing and hearing of this voting term assure you of your choice your right to vote and the young children of today do they understand how important voting is , having a president and a vice president is do they understand primaries, debates and the final stages before we vote?? These questions are on my mind as I look at my Voter's ballot.. ~Andrea

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